Ukraine-Germany Forum

Ukraine-Germany Forum on coal region transformation “Approaches to Economic Diversification and Cooperation Between Central and Local Authorities”. Knowledge exchange with German coal regions and towns’ representatives, coordination of future steps for cooperation. Arranged by NGOs Germanwatch, Ecodiya, and “Alternatyva” Lugansk Oblast Human Rights Centre.

Working Committee

The second meeting of the Working Committee on elaboration of Platform Towns Transformation Strategy

1st German-Ukrainian Energy Day

A speech by Mayor of Myrnograd at the coal regions transformation panel discussion as the Platform representative.


Download Paper: The Future of a Just Transition in Ukraine: Perceptions in Coal Mining Towns. PDF Presentation of the research “The Future of a Just Transition in Ukraine: Perceptions in Coal Mining Towns” by the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Ecodiya NGO. The research was conducted […]

UNIAN and Ukrinform

Publication of the Platform’s view of just transition process of mining regions. Its publication in news agencies (UNIAN, Ukrinform), distribution among journalists.

Signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Energy Efficiency Fund

Mayor of Myrnohrad Town put his signature to the Memorandum on behalf of the Platform. Mayors of other mining towns which are members of the Platform signed their copies during September–October.