10 March 2021
  1. The outcomes of the meeting of representatives of 17 Ukrainian coal mining communities with representatives of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine.

  2. Ukraine declares a course for just transition (JT). This will primarily affect the regions that depend on coal mining and combustion. While statements of readiness for JT are being heard at the national and local levels, concrete steps are needed now.

  3. We, the mayors of Donetsk region’s nine coal towns, three local NGOs and Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have united and created the Platform for Sustainable Development of Coal Towns. Our goals are the development of the region, transformation of our economies, attraction of investment, creation of new jobs,

  4. We, non-governmental organizations working in the Donetsk region, understand the global trends towards decarbonization and just transition of fossil fuel-dependent regions, of which Ukraine is also a part of.

  5. On 16-18 June the heads of local authorities, which are part of the Platform for Sustainable Development of Coal Towns of Donetsk Region, as well as mining towns of Luhansk and Volyn regions, visited Lviv region.

  6. From May 14th to May 17th in 7 coal towns of the Platform for Sustainable Development (Pokrovsk, Vuhledar, Selydove, Dobropillia, Bilozerske, Myrnohrad, Toretsk) the art installation “Monolith” took place. Activists of the Alliance for Just Transition from the mining town of Donetsk region decided to draw attention to the issue […]